Monday, July 29, 2013

The mission of retribution / Madness Retaliation

An interesting turn-based strategy based on the Madness Combat. Four hero landed a helicopter on the huge balcony guarded building with a mission to get some vessels with something, probably very dangerous. As usually happens in these games, our heroes have not given any normal weapons or armor. Not even all the guns went, until we manage knives.  

From helmets - only glasses and bandages. :) The good guard in the first room of the weak, is shot and cut with no problems. We search the lockers and gradually normal arming, but I still get weapons, equal and that in the hands of the enemy does not work. The specificity of this place is that the defeated enemies disappear along with all the armor and weapons, looting do not work.  

We'll have to show the wonders of tactical genius to beat the more powerful enemies, for this is, for example, noise and smoke grenades. After a while it turns out that sneak through the building is not easy - many passages blocked access cards will have to work to wander around the building and look at all the corners. And there is so much horror ... Zombies - not the worst.

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