Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zombie Waves

Zombie Waves

The wave of zombies attacking the city. Creeping dead already got out of their graves, and they move straight to you. It is necessary to stop the invasion until the monsters do not get to the other residents of the city.  
You then can resist scorching two pistols and guns from other people on hand will not appear. Retreat impossible, otherwise the mission would have no meaning. Therefore, the road back to you is covered, and is located just in front of that same damn cemetery.  
The wave of zombies will hang around slowly, but with the advent of new types of evil aktivnichat have a lot more. For the monster began to walk normally, and then a giant dog came running from behind the horizon, snapping sharp fangs.  
Will be really hot in the offensive on both sides, when a wave of zombies will not leave you the opportunity to escape. This calls for more powerful weapons pistols. Do not miss the bonuses that fall from above. Large wooden crates are always fraught with some pleasant surprise.  
This may be a first aid kit, heal wounds, ammunition, or even a new type of weapon, which always have handy. Change the light ammunition for the shotgun, and then obzavedites powerful machine gun.

Game By FreegamesH
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