Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shameless clone 2 Flash Game

Game Description Shameless clone 2

At its core, the game is pretty standard - it several levels, with a variety of flying at you shoot the enemies, and you control a spaceship to dodge the enemies and shoot them. Yes, between the levels with the money you can buy upgrades ship - to strengthen weapons, health, and a magnet for the bonuses. But here's the design - it's a different story.  

The game has five planets, worlds, each of which is made in his own style. And here it becomes clear the name of the game - "Shameless clone" is used in a humorous way the characters from a variety of games and more. For example, in the first world - World Nyan, almost all the enemies will be in the form of seals of different games, shooting rainbows and the like.  

Second World - eight-and here Bomberman meet, monsters and mushrooms from the Mario and others. Further too would be interested if you love those shooters, you should play this game.

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