Friday, September 27, 2013

Neverwinter mmo games

MMORPG Neverwinter did Dungeons & Dragons fans for fans of Dungeons & Dragons. A developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment set a goal to make the most dynamic and the most exciting game in the universe of D & D.  

Help revive from the ashes of one of the most beloved cities in the world D & D Forgotten Realms. Explore and protect it . The impressive and dynamic MMORPG will lead you from the besieged walls of Neverwinter to underground tunnels , storing forgotten secrets and lost treasures .  

Forgotten Realms world comes alive here when they do not . From the heights to the depths of the castle Neverwinter fire-breathing mountains hedenou player for adventures in the most spectacular places of the northern kingdom of the surrounding city faerrun Neverwinter.  

Example, the role of heroes in any of branded D & D classes whether warrior guardian , rogue - trickster , the magician - king, a fearless warrior or a devout cleric . Go hiking alone or with friends. Vanquish a horde of undead , orcs and legendary chudish order to restore the former glory of the city , when it was called the pearl of the north. The basis of the game design Neverwinter battle system with an emphasis on action.  

The combat system in Neverwinter departs from the standard selection dobulyatsii purposes , in connection with the fighting became more rapid and more interesting and more take into account the skills of the player . Blocks evasion and counter attack aiming to help you win the classic monsters D & D. In Neverwinter adventurer will find something new every day.  

Neverwinter is not only an ambitious story line and daily specials . The workshop will allow to quickly create their own jobs and dungeons . Number of adventure is limited only by your imagination. create, share and play with others . Neverwinter is a love letter to every fan of Dungeons & Dragons and fans of MMOs. This ambitious project of Cryptic Studios combines dynamic battles and daily content updates , with classic role-playing games. 

 Neverwinter game is one hundred percent free . The city of Neverwinter need help brave and experienced heroes. At the time of this writing Russian version of the online game Newervinter is on the PTA. Exit Neverwinter Online is expected December 2013.

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