Thursday, December 12, 2013

Caveman running game

Neanderthal game (also known as Caveman Run) is one of the brightest representatives of the arcade casual online flash games.  
The main objective in this game is through the levels - you 'll play as a caveman who is armed with a club and shooting can jump. In all stages of the game , you will encounter various monsters (they need to kill) , and the remaining obstacles - for example, rolling toward the rocks.  

The game is a promotion of primitive man over rough terrain. On your way appear boulders flying at high speed hero , different kinds of dinosaurs. In contact with all the above objects Neanderthal will be injured . If the number reaches three , the game automatically ends.  

The playing field can be divided into two parts : Upper provides information on caveman ( indicator of health , information about the glasses , etc.). At the middle of the window just happens action game.

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