Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Lands - 1 - multiplayer online browser game

In the world of the game My Lands important and valuable source of power is a magical resource of black pearls . World of dragons gameplay it lands on any city is not possible, and only the brave and enterprising characters will be able to fill up their city. 
 Getting hold of black pearls can be the salt lake, which many in the world. However, this lake before yet to take hold.  
During your travels you will meet and quite dangerous places ruins , inhabited by horrible monsters . These bloodthirsty create periodically attacking players , so be prepared . On the other hand, after defeating the monster , you can take away his black pearls .

The economic system is known to be one of the main things in strategy . Here it is very well developed at the expense of the overall balance . Important city population , which is required for workers, scientists , builders requiem online vidio troops . In addition to the natural increase of the population can be extracted and lead people into slavery from other cities. Other resources of wood, stone , gold, iron , and grains can be obtained from mining buildings or robbery . Each resource is defined in relation to another. With the market can be trading with construction of the players. Also, on the world map can be found Mines and Mining , which can quickly produce a resource , and you can grab . The most important resource in the game Black Pearl . Read more about it write a little bit lower.
In the phrase military- economic strategy is the key word strategy , and then the military and economic . And in this game , too, is part of a science strategy. Of course , there are no conflicting science towns , and sooner or later most of the players come to an almost complete study of all the sciences , but the sequence in which these subjects are studied , leads to significant changes in the rate of development. Take, for example , the troops .  

Each type of troop has three levels of development. After studying the next level becomes available next , etc. It would seem , study , and all. An. The fact is that the cost of training units each level varies considerably . Let's say the cost of one unit construction level : 1 gold , 1 wood , 1 grain and 1 free population . Are you studying science and begin to rivet these units in large quantities. Then , over time, learn the science on upgrading these units to the second level . 
 But the cost of training the same units of the second level is 3 gold , 3 wood , 3 and 3 grain free population . And you have to rivet them as much as 1000. The difference in cost between the units of the second and third level : 2 gold, 2 black pearls game , 2 grain and 2 of the free population . Now multiply all that by a thousand . And this bunch of one-time resources you need to upgrade all of your units and the completion of the study of science.  
Otherwise, the study of science will remain incomplete , and the units are ordered and will be the first level. So , be careful with that . This is one of the mistakes most kids and young people. Me and most of my youth had a couple of times to drain the troops of the other players or sending them to the ruins of the powerful .

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