Saturday, October 5, 2013

The lost titans mmo games

ZQGames developer announced that a free game MMORPG - The Lost Titans entered into open beta testing . Became available on the Olympus server for new players , and previous servers for those returning . For those players who participated in the closed beta will be happy to know that there was no punch was not.
The open beta comes with a few key updates in this number :
The core of Aristos : where players have to venture deeper into the core, to fight and avenge the Hyperion;
Rage of Zeus Battleground: set the events in which players will compete with new bosses and other players at the same time . It also introduces a new high-level monsters called Punishers, which may require the players come together ;
Defenders of the Duel : Adds fights that can provide special awards ;
A rite of passage : the area re- Vamped beginners;
Wheel Fourtuna website : events * Roulette * style in which players can win the award ;
The update also includes new building and pets.

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