Saturday, October 5, 2013

Aion Free to play online games

In preparation for the Aion ' from 4.0 to be installed extensions in June this year , the publisher Gameforge has released update 3.9 for the MMO fantasy. Gameforge has amassed more than 3000000 settlements with games , free games transition brought in some new publications, as well as some enhancements to existing features .The update includes a new instance called " Corridor Betrayal" , where players will try to plunder the treasures hidden fortress. To ensure players have a lot of space for all the new production in the dungeons , the inventory system has been expanded so that the quest items , coins , badges and tickets will be automatically stored in separate storage cubes .For those players who are new to AION, or would like to pump new character is calm , the update also brings a new server for beginners. Any character created on a regular server to level 55 , can be sent north for beginners to participate in PvE adventures , and without fear of being a victim of the harsh realities of open PK. When you're ready your character can go back to their regular servers at any time.And finally , for those who are looking for something on a larger scale , currently a new integrated server instance . This server allows players to challenge AION area together separate groups in all serverah.Uchastniki will be rewarded with a great experience and they will be more likely to defeat opponents.

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