Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pretty Planes: War Thunder graphics update

Combat simulator War Thunder ( Lightning War ) received its latest update , which raises the game with graphics and historical authenticity to new heights. Update 1.29 updated several key features , starting with the damage model fighting Thunder, which has been much improved by the addition of 10 new pieces of ammunition and adjustments for all types of weapons.War Thunder, aircraft are also getting some graphics and sound upgrades. Players should notice a minor bug fixes and graphical detail , animation, ranging from better air brake animation , improved drawing distant lands , new airfields , improved collision shell effects , shadows, pilot, and even adding animation to the radiator plane. Now, given some attention to detail.New models have been added to the flight of aircraft in addition to the many brand new additions bomber for Japan , the U.S., Germany and the Soviet Union. The award for the best part of the new aircraft will take to the Great Meteor MK UK -8 jet fighter.

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