Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flash Barons gate games

is an exciting game walker , which opens before us the floor semi - fictional real world in which this is interwoven with illusion and magic sword and fight on equal terms. This world resembles the Middle Ages : here are brave knights armor and heavy two-handed swords , faith in God, which keeps the brave and pure heart is strong , and the laws are written to their revered . However , this time, and the bloody wars that collect their brutal tribute - people's lives.
During the Middle Ages the earth all wars were over land and religion, but the battle took place against people trafficking . In this world games are much worse - here valiant knights have to fight the dark forces of evil that has penetrated and settled in peaceful cities people. Place the game - a distant county , captured the dark and dies in his paws. For many years, no one can beat him , and all the brave souls who dare to fight with him , either dead or missing. County ambulance doomed to a painful death imminent . But suddenly there are four barons - the rulers of the neighboring places , who decide to combine their efforts in the fight against the evil force . They swear allegiance to each other and take an oath to fight until the county land is clear of contamination, or until until death does not hurt their noble intentions .

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