Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flash Beetle ju 3 games

In the family of beetles had an accident , lost all the kids , head of the family will have to go in a difficult journey and locate all the kids. Initially, the task is not difficult you need to walk around the maze to eat on the way to collect pieces of cheese and children, who then happily go home , where their mother is waiting excited .  
With each level the task will be complicated , you will need to collect a variety of bonuses , avoid enemies and blow up the wall to get to the children. Need to be very careful , falling rocks can kill children , as well, and a loud explosion , so before you do better calculate all the moves in advance , the more that the bombs have limited odor.  
Control of the game adventure insect calculated on a variety of players , for someone better to use the arrows on your keyboard , and someone familiar with the mouse. The game is perfect for players who love puzzles , because the game will have to think a lot.  
The game is very colorful, and has qualitatively executed perfectly matched music and sound. The game also traced storyline from beginning to end, which gives the game a special meaning.

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