Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LEGO: Monster fighters training with rodney rathbone

Surely none of us would be able to pass by a person who is in need of emergency assistance. Before our eyes on the current page, you can see the following. In the middle of some obscure facilities is our main character , who desperately defended by attacking him from all sides of monsters. This is a game of Lego training with Rodney Rathbone , the plot of which we now consider .
Immediately we can see with the naked eye , that our character is missing one leg , instead of which the prosthesis is attached . I think such a person can not sympathize , so hurry to support in distress lego hero. The fact is that once upon a time it was an attack from alien civilizations. Several spacecraft landed near his home, and insidiously attacked an unprotected home. After Rodney Rathbone never left the house without a sword given to him . He wore it only in self-defense , and never tried to use it as intimidation of ordinary citizens , or for bragging rights . And so, after a long period of time , something happened that he was expecting with a vague anxiety for several years . Being in the possession of his friend and classmate , walking through the alleys of the huge mysterious structures, he felt that someone above him in taking aim . Lifting his head up, he was stunned : it was hanging from the insidious smile lego monster . Without thinking , he drew his sword from its sheath , and that there are forces struck a powerful blow to the alien . One lurching , froze and evaporated , being struck on the spot .

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